1. How the document is organized
  2. Starting CASSIS and displaying a spectrum
  3. Snapshots
  4. Copyright Notice

How the document is organized

This on-line help is divided in eight main sections (left-hand side menu):
  • Modules: describes the different viewing and analysis tools available in CASSIS
  • Common functionalities: a description of all the basics actions that can be performed in most CASSIS windows
  • Databases: explains how to choose a database and how to create and manage templates
  • Interoperability: CASSIS in the Virtual Observatory world!
  • Scripts: some information about scripting
  • Caveats and tricks: a list of encountered problems and how to solve them
  • CASSIS in HIPE: some information about the use of CASSIS within the HIPE software (Herschel data)
  • Video tutorials

Starting CASSIS and displaying a spectrum

To start CASSIS:

  • if you installed the desktop version : from a x-term, go to the cassis directory and type: ./cassis.run xxxx, where xxxx is the size in mega bytes of the memory you want to allow to CASSIS (e.g., 1024, 2048, etc). Just typing ./cassis.run, CASSIS will use by default 1 Gb of memory.
    Warning : at the first launch, CASSIS may take a few minutes to setup.
  • if you chose the online version, just click on this link: http://cassis.irap.omp.eu/online/cassis.jnlp

When launched CASSIS opens its main window:

Cassis 4.2 - database from yyyy (name_of_the_database),
Cassis Online - database from yyyy (name_of_the_database),

where yyyy is SQLITE or VAMDC (see the "Databases" section for more details).

You can then start using CASSIS. For example, to display the CO spectrum which comes with CASSIS, follow these steps:

  • open the Spectrum Manager (Modules > Spectrum Manager or click on the icon )
  • click on "Open local resource"
  • by default, you should be in CASSIS folder > delivery > data (if not go to this directory)
  • select "CO.bas"
  • click on "Display spectrum"

You can also load data via one of the views or modules described in Section 2.

For a quick access to the modules and to some utilities, you can use the icons:

Icon Equivalent in menu bar Description
File → Open Opens a window to browse for a data file ; CASSIS will open the file with the spectrum manager for inspection before display.
Modules → Spectrum Manager Opens the Spectrum Manager More info
File → Save To save the displayed spectrum/spectra in one of the following formats: pdf, png, votable, fits, fus (full spectrum only), lis (line spectrum only), rot (rotational diagram only).
File → Print To send the current plot to a printer. Warning: currently does not work under Mac OS 10.9 and from the Line Spectrum tab (all OS)
Modules → Spectrum Analysis Opens the Spectrum Analysis window. More info
Modules → LTE+RADEX Opens the LTE+RADEX Analysis window. More info
Modules → Loomis Wood Opens the Loomis Wood Analysis window More info
Modules → Rotational Diagram Opens the Rotational Diagram window More info
Modules → Chi2Plot Opens the χ2 plotting tool More info
Templates → Manage Templates Opens the template manager More info
Scripts → Jython Opens the jython scripting window More info


An example of the line analysis tool: inspecting o-H2CO lines in the observed spectrum (black) overlaid with an LTE model (pink)

A possible rotational diagram with simultaneous linear fits to different groups of points.

Example of a simultaneous multi-Gaussian and polynomial fit (left), and associated InfoPanel (right).

Copyright Notice

If you use CASSIS to publish some results, please do not forget to cite the following :