What’s new?

Changes in version 6.3

  • Release a new database
  • Improve file format from save lines
  • Display Y errors (only for some fits files for now)
  • File: Fix reading VOTable containing NaN value
  • Tools: Fix infinitite loop
  • Database: Fix database creation to avoid bug if a tag is used by differents species
  • Aladin Plugin: New release based on CASSIS 6.3
  • Bug fixing and improvements

Changes in version 6.2

  • Allow to select several databases at the same time
  • Release new database with updated transitions
  • Update SQLite miniDatabase with new transitions from CDMS/JPL and H1 atoms from NIST
  • Update default VAMDC services
  • Improve VLSR and other metadata handling
  • Improve Kelvin flux unit detection
  • Several changes for the new Aladin CASSIS plugin [lien]
  • Fix crash in online/plugin mode
  • Other Species: Add redshift offset
  • Other Species: Fix bugs in energy level filter
  • Line Analysis: Allow to sort each result by model intensity
  • SSAP: Add new tab for services, remember manually added services
  • SSAP: Add a favorite functionnality for services
  • SSAP: Remember target name with autocompletion
  • File download: better handling of filename given by server
  • Full Spectrum: allow to unpin and resize the full spectrum tab
  • Fix bug in provided alma_400m telescope file
  • Bug fixing and improvements

Changes in version 6.1

  • Follow HTTP redirection when needed
  • Replace mass column for species by id
  • Serveral minors bug fixes and improvements

Changes in version 6.0.1

  • Fix bug in LTE-Radex on the computation of partiton function value in the limit temperature
  • Fix bug in interpolation of telescope efficiency value
  • Add tooltip on species name to get the tag (speciesId)

Changes in version 6.0

  • Make online mode smaller
  • Use new certificate
  • Rework the GUI of some windows
  • New database format (not compatible with previous CASSIS versions!)
  • Use species id for species identification instead of tag
  • Allow to specify template for line information
  • Jython scripts: add news scripts and documentation to use the scripts provided in CASSIS
  • Bug fixing
  • Lots of small improvements
  • New database, updated data from January 2021