1. How the document is organized
  2. Starting CASSIS and displaying a spectrum
  3. Snapshots
  4. Copyright Notice

How the document is organized

This on-line help is divided in eight main sections (left-hand side menu):
  • Modules: describes the different viewing and analysis tools available in CASSIS
  • Common functionalities: a description of all the basics actions that can be performed in most CASSIS windows
  • Databases: explains how to choose a database and how to create and manage templates
  • Interoperability: CASSIS in the Virtual Observatory world!
  • Scripts: some information about scripting
  • Caveats and tricks: a list of encountered problems and how to solve them
  • CASSIS in HIPE: some information about the use of CASSIS within the HIPE software (Herschel data)
  • Video tutorials

Starting CASSIS and displaying a spectrum

To start CASSIS:

  • if you installed the desktop version : from a x-term, go to the cassis directory and type: ./cassis.run xxxx, where xxxx is the size in mega bytes of the memory you want to allow to CASSIS (e.g., 1024, 2048, etc). Just typing ./cassis.run, CASSIS will use by default 1 Gb of memory.
    Warning : at the first launch, CASSIS may take a few minutes to setup.
  • if you chose the online version, just click on this link: http://cassis.irap.omp.eu/online/cassis.jnlp

When launched CASSIS opens its main window:

Cassis 5.0 - database from yyyy (name_of_the_database),
Cassis Online - database from yyyy (name_of_the_database),

where yyyy is SQLITE or VAMDC (see the section 4 for more details).

You can then start using CASSIS. For example, to display the CO spectrum which comes with CASSIS, follow these steps:

  • open the Spectrum Manager (Modules > Spectrum Manager or click on the icon )
  • click on "Open local resource"
  • by default, you should be in CASSIS folder > delivery > data (if not go to this directory)
  • select "CO.bas"
  • click on "Display spectrum"

You can also load data via one of the views or modules described in Section 3.

For a quick access to the modules and to some utilities, you can use the icons:

Icon Equivalent in menu bar Description More info
File → Open Opens a window to browse for a data file ; CASSIS will open the file with the spectrum manager for inspection before display.
Modules → Spectrum Manager Opens the Spectrum Manager § 2.1
File → Save To save the displayed spectrum/spectra in one of the following formats: pdf, png, votable, fits, fus (full spectrum only), lis (line spectrum only), rot (rotational diagram only).
File → Print To send the current plot to a printer. Warning: currently does not work under Mac OS 10.9 and from the Line Spectrum tab (all OS)
Modules → Spectrum Analysis Opens the Spectrum Analysis window. § 2.2
Modules → LTE+RADEX Opens the LTE+RADEX Analysis window. § 2.3
Modules → Loomis Wood Opens the Loomis Wood Analysis window § 2.4
Modules → Line Analysis Opens the Line Analysis window § 2.5
Modules → Rotational Diagram Opens the Rotational Diagram window § 2.6
Modules → Chi2Plot Opens the χ2 plotting tool § 2.7
Templates → Manage Templates Opens the database template manager § 4.2
Scripts → Jython Opens the jython scripting window § 6


An example of the line analysis tool: inspecting o-H2CO lines in the observed spectrum (black) overlaid with an LTE model (pink)

A possible rotational diagram with simultaneous linear fits to different groups of points.

Example of a simultaneous multi-Gaussian and polynomial fit (left), and associated InfoPanel (right).

Copyright Notice

If you use CASSIS to publish some results, please do not forget to cite the following :