HIPE (Herschel Interactive Processing Environment) is a software package to interactively process Herschel ( data, including finding the data products, interactive analysis, plotting of data, and data manipulation.
CASSIS is now offered as a HIPE plug-in from version 11.0 of HIPE (

Once you have downloaded version 11.0 or later, open HIPE and follow the steps below:

  • go to Tools->Plug-ins
  • Click on Install new... and enter the URL
  • restart HIPE and re-load your data
  • then a right-click on your spectrum will give you the option to display it either with Cassis Spectrum 1d Analysis or with Cassis Spectrum 1d Line Analysis or with Cassis Spectrum1d Loomis Wood (if it doesn't, left-click on another variable then right-click again on the variable to be displayed with CASSIS)

Using any CASSIS model inside HIPE creates a new HIPE variable. It is possible to overlay any CASSIS model with others CASSIS models or to display it in a new HIPE view. This behavior is different from the one in CASSIS standalone, where the CASSIS view is overwritten.

Demo & Tutorials

For PACS users : PACS demo

For SPIRE users : SPIRE demo